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Holistic Financial Planning

At Roadstead Capital Partners, it all starts with a solid financial foundation built upon

open client/advisor communication; planning is at the core of all the decisions we make for you. We utilize E-Money to design a comprehensive financial plan for you that clearly maps out all your goals and how we plan to achieve them. We use this financial road map to build out our investment strategy. We believe that creating a holistic financial plan helps give purpose to investing.

Estate Review

Estate Planning is another vital piece of a successful financial plan. You want to make

sure the wealth you have worked so hard to build over your lifetime is protected for the next generation to enjoy. When creating your financial plan, this is a significant item of discussion to ensure that the appropriate documents have been put in place to pass your assets on to the next generation in the most efficient manner possible.


Insurance is a critical part of a successful financial plan, but one that should always be carefully considered as there are a lot of products sold to clients that don’t fit their needs. We evaluate all your lines of insurance including life, disability, health, and long-term care to ensure that you are only investing in products that serve a specific need. We utilize our partners in each line of insurance and make sure that you are investing in the best products with the best companies and not overpaying.

Portfolio Management

All the planning we do for you leads back to the most important piece of the puzzle,

portfolio management. Our simple goal when building your portfolio is to manage risk while maximizing return. We create well-diversified strategies that are tailored to your specific risk appetite and the financial plan that we have created for you. We invest in a blend of stocks, bonds, ETF’s, Mutual Funds, and select Alternatives to accomplish this goal.

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