Portfolio Services

Wise portfolio management relies on the use of customized solutions designed to address each client's unique objectives with accuracy and responsibility. Roadstead Capital Partners, LLC* maintains a highly disciplined approach in due diligence, asset class selection, and portfolio management strategies which is illustrated in the attention to detail we provide to our clients. In our opinion, the return of principal is more important that the return on principal, which is what guides our management decisions above and beyond anything else. We believe that the integration of alternative investments into a portfolio otherwise comprised of traditional asset classes, can provide stability while helping to reduce overall risk and correlation to traditional markets. Our investment philosophy is based on a true ‘core-and-satellite’ approach to active portfolio management. We have access to private equity, hedge funds, fund-of-funds, private market debt, infrastructure development funds, real estate, tax-advantaged energy funds, as well as more traditional equity and fixed income strategies. Our relationships with, and access to, many well respected institutional resources, grant us a unique ability to better manage the assets our clients entrust us with.